MrRPM Race Intake 

Allow more air into your motor. Proven horse power increase. Designed for large displacement, high rpm motors, ample room for enlargement, and reshaping of ports.

MrRPM Oil Filter Adapters

Replace your stock oil filter and upgrade to a better automotive spin-on filter. Attach oil lines for a oil cooler or oil temperature sensor.

MrRPM Solid Motor Mounts

Designed to stop flexing of the engine/transmission under load. Reduces drive-train wear due to engine flexing

MrRPM Flywheel Puller

Designed to pull the flywheel off the crank. Engraved with the MrRPM logo.

MrRPM Clutch Puller

Designed to remove the can-am stock primary clutch. Will also remove STM primary clutch


MrRPM Valve Covers and Water Necks

Replace the plastic stock valve covers and water necks with a set of MrRPM valve covers in billet or cast and water necks in cast.


MrRPM Cam Timing Tool

Designed to set cams (3 bolt) in time.

MrRPM Clutch Backing Plates

When stock is not enough. Prevents motor flexing on BIG HP machines.

MrRPM Temperature Gauge Adapter

Don't cut your radiator hose to install a water temperature gauge. Install this adapter in the an existing port in your front head and simply screw in your temp gauge.

MrRPM 3 Bolt Timing Trigger

Timing trigger for 3 bolt cams in G1 cam sensored motor.

MrRPM Crankshaft Holding Tool


MrRPM Top Motormount Bracket

For G2 motors in G1 frames or G1 motors in G2 frames

X3 Back Plate
Main Bearing Tool
Fuel Pressure Tester
MrRPM Belt Box

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